The finals are here, the finals are here!

by Astrid Rangel


Get ready for stress-induced comas, sleepless nights, coffee and energy drink days. I should be feeling stressed and worried but all I can think about right now is I DID IT! I went through a whoooooole year of college and YOU did too! Whoever it is that is reading this, if you are about to finish your spring semester, you know what? I AM PROUD OF YOU.  Getting through something like your first year of college is a huge accomplishment.  I know that for me it is.  When I decided to leave my hometown, a lot of people thought I would be back as soon as you can change your underwear but I am not going back, neither today nor next semester.  I am committed to proving people wrong and finishing this semester of college is one step closer.

So if you are getting ready for finals and you can’t take it anymore remember, that you already did it once, twice, three times. It will be okay, and you will get through this one last time. Overall it has been a great year, not just for me but I’m sure for everyone as well. I got to learn a lot of new things, met really great people and I have made memories that I will never forget. Challenges will always pop up. What matters is the faith you put in yourself and all that you do. I think we sometime forget to put faith into what we do when it can be a huge deal-changer.  I have put a lot of faith into what I do and it worked out more than alright.

I can’t get through this post without getting emotional. Finals are here and so is the end of this fantastic year at Texas State. I do believe I couldn’t have made it through without a lot of the people that have come into my life. It was hard, I am not going to downplay it because there is no way of downplaying something like this. There were many times where I questioned why or how in general but I am sure there is something bigger than this. I kind of still am as I go through finals once again.

So, as you go through finals, and get stressed, think about summer coming.  Think of days by the pool, think of those sunny hot days you will get to spend laying around doing nothing. You soon will have a stress-free environment around you and that should make you really happy, I know it makes me more than excited to spend this summer visiting my family and friends back home. I also know that all this hard work we are putting into this will soon pay off.  We have decided to do more with our lives and whether you are a biology, history, math, theater, art, music, dance major, what we are doing is worth every single minute of our lives.

On that note, I will leave you, because if you are any bit like me, I know you are reading this to procrastinate and you should probably be studying for something.  So now, go on study because FINALS ARE HERE.

Good luck, Bobcats! 😺❤


First semester of college: CHECK

by Alexus Moreno

CONGRATULATIONS everyone! Finals are almost over and the semester is almost over. Christmas break is literally in our reach. You made it this far, and that’s quite the accomplishment, if you ask me. These past three weeks have probably been the most busy of my entire life (I’m sure many others can say the same). Getting final projects due, studying for finals on top of getting other work done, trying to pack up my stuff for what I will be taking home (because we are off for a month, yesssssssssssssss), making sure my classes are in check for next semester, and just trying to keep sane through it all.
Finals week is no joke. No matter how many finals you have, it is still really stressful. It’s crazy how much you can learn in just ONE semester. And it’s crazy how much you can forget in one semester.  While I was studying, I couldn’t believe all I had forgotten … so I made a 1,000-page study guide … okay, it was more like 10 pages, but it’s finals week. I can exaggerate a little. Continue reading

Festive frenzy

by Victoria Nguyen

Well, Thanksgiving break sure flew by! This time of the year is one of the most hectic for me, and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. As crazy as this time of the year gets, I can’t help but feel like a little kid again. I detest the cold, but I am a firm believer in the Christmas and holiday spirit. I love the magic and beauty involved in the festivities of the season. I wouldn’t say Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I would say the winter season would be nothing without lights and decorations. Although I appreciate the gifts and treats associated with the holiday season, I find the real beauty of the holidays comes from the spirit of family and togetherness. Continue reading