Freshman year = COMPLETE

by Alexus Moreno

Freshman year of college was such a fun experience. The good … the bad … it is all something I will remember forever. Looking back, it’s so weird to see how much has changed since high school. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But I can tell you this. College (especially the first year) could be the best or the worst experience. It all depends on you (as if you didn’t have enough pressure already). But I offer this advice … not only for incoming freshmen but for all college students:

Your college years are what you make of them.

Your college years are what you make of them.

  1. Make new friends. I’ve mentioned many times before how easy it is to feel lonely. So make friends and keep them around. They will help you so much.
  2. Know your priorities. It’s easy to fall off track and avoid studying and doing work. Seriously, the  easiest thing in the world. Just remember, above all else, you are here to get an education.
  3. Get to know your professors. Go to their office hours and establish a good relationship with them. It helps … I promise you.
  4. Make your dorm as homey and comfortable as possible … you’ll be there a lot.
  5. Get to know your roommate! Your roommate could be your best friend or your worst enemy … either way, you will be stuck together for a whole semester or two. I was fortunate enough to become extremely great friends with my roommate … Nan … love yah, gurl!
  6. Go out! Don’t stay in your dorm or go home every weekend. Get dressed up, go to gatherings, meet new people, and make memories … and of course stay safe through it all.
  7. Don’t forget about your parents … they will miss you … give them a call and let them know you love them every once in awhile [:
  8. Stay active … freshmen 15 is waiting for you.
  9. Use as many resources as the school has to offer. They are there for your benefit.
  10. Lastly … don’t be afraid to take all the chances and opportunities that are presented to you. Great things can come out of them.

I can honestly say Texas State has offered me so much and I am very grateful to have shared my experiences with everyone reading! I want to thank all my friends I have made here … Nan, Chance, Key, Conner, Carley, Alize, Christi, Brandon, Andrew, Josh, Puga, Joseph, Skipp and Austin. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEE’S KNEES and have made such a big impact on my life … I love every single one of y’all. To all future Bobcats … enjoy your summer because you are in for a ride.