Spring is in the air

Our beautiful river is a campus highlight for recreation.

Our beautiful river is a campus highlight for recreation.

by Victoria Nguyen

Breathe in that crisp, light air provided by the beautiful state of Texas. Spring is officially upon us now, Bobcats, and I can already see the atmosphere around Texas State coming to life. Texas State is always full of life and high energy all year long, but the warm-weathered seasons are what we live for around these parts. It’s time to get those shorts and tanks out of your drawers and soak in the sun.

First off, welcome back, guys! I hope everybody had a safe and fun spring break. I could not believe how lovely the weather was for us, and how beautiful it has been the past couple of days. I’m in love with the sun and warmth of spring and summer, and you would not believe how excited I am to have the weather back on my side. It’s been so apparent that I’ve been embracing it by my conscious decision to sport the cutest shorts every day this week. My sandals even made an appearance a few times.

Spring is the start of long days and fun in the sun. It’s the time to lay out and work on that nice summer glow, the perfect excuse to hang around that gorgeous San Marcos River, a nice time to go for a little run, and honestly the best motivator to go spend some time outdoors. All the outside sports are in full swing at this point of the year and I’ve been enjoying every second of it. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the softball games lately cheering on our girls, and I would definitely suggest that y’all come out and catch a game before the season comes to an end. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the baseball game the other night against UT due to class interference, but it was a great feeling to see all you Bobcats out there supporting our boys. Being an ex-athlete, I know it means a lot to have people cheering you on, and I hope that we continue to show out for the remainder of the season.

Sewell Park has seen an incredible increase in attendance the past couple of weeks. This is the hub for recreational fun, and truly is a blast. It’s the perfect place to lay your towel out with your friends and chit chat, soaking up the sun, or tossing the Frisbee around and just having an overall great time with your pals. I would even go as far as to say it is a fantastic place to meet new people. Everyone is just in a good mood and enjoying themselves to the fullest, and that’s my ideal environment. I’m a happy-go-lucky person and I feel at peace when I’m surrounded by smiling people who are truly having a blast. My roommate and I will definitely be down there a lot with the last few weeks of school that we have left.

There is no doubt that there is a wide variety of fun things to do in the sun around Texas State. I just want to ask that everyone to be careful and stay safe. The sun is here and the energy is upbeat. It’s time to relax and have an amazing time. We are, after all, young and free, and it’s time to make those college memories. I’ll be the girl with a spring in her step, flip flops on her feet, shorts showing off her legs, and most importantly a smile across her face. Pack away your winter blues and pull out those summer shades and show the world that impeccable smile because spring is in the air!


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