Intramural teams!

IMG_5660by Alexus Moreno

A great way to get involved on campus is to join intramural teams. Intramural sports are a good way to stay active, meet new people and play the sport you love or the sport you have always wanted to try. This semester, I decided to join my dorm hall’s intramural soccer team. My immediate thought was, “Great … what did I get myself into?” I’ve always been active and I played volleyball, but I had never played soccer before in my life. I was both scared and excited to see how my team and I would do.

For intramural teams, you do not have to be an expert in that particular sport. It’s totally okay if you are new to it. You join these teams to have fun in a competitive environment and to learn. People do tend to take it pretty serious as well as I do, because hey! You want to win and make it to playoffs! But it’s not so serious to the point where you get booted off the team if you’re not living up to others’ expectations. Everyone is there for the same reason and you are all rooting for each other. You get the sense of belonging and feeling a part of something, and it’s a great feeling … especially if you played sports in high school and weren’t able to continue playing in college … this is for you! And for all the ones who just want to have fun and try something new. I recommend taking a chance and joining a team. [: HAVE FUN!



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