San Marcos music scene

by Alexus Moreno


The Real Hands

I’ve mentioned before what a cool town San Marcos is … and I still stand by that statement. San Marcos is growing sooooooo much, it’s insane. I’m literally witnessing it with my own eyes. You have construction going on everywhere, which can be super annoying at times, but I’m sure it’ll pay off in the long run. All over town you have the coolest places and it’s exciting not only witnessing the change and growth of this town, but changing and growing along with it.

San Marcos is fairly close to Austin … the live music capital of the world! However, you don’t have to make the trip to Austin to hear some live music. I wanted to make a post about the San Marcos/Texas State music scene because I’ve been in awe lately of the live music I’ve heard here (and I LOVE music).


Von Stomper

There are places all over town that are constantly putting on shows … for free too! The music consists of out-of-town bands and even local bands … anywhere from indie rock, folk, metal and rap. The local bands are amazing … I was really impressed. There is so much talent on campus and all around San Marcos. Keep an eye out around here … you could be witnessing the next big thing.

What’s the best band that you’ve seen in San Marvelous? Where do you like to go to listen to live music in town?


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