College life

by Alexus Moreno

Many of you reading these blogs are finishing up your senior year and preparing yourselves for college. If you are anything like me during my senior year, you are probably freaking out. Which is totally understandable. The transition from high school to college is a big one. I was terrified to start college, mainly because I had no clue what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle all this new stuff being thrown at me, but now that I have about two more months to go in completing my first year of college, I can hopefully put your mind at ease.

One of my biggest concerns was not getting enough sleep. Sounds silly I know, but my friends who were already in college would always tell me “well, you can kiss your sleep goodbye” or “good luck with coming up with a regular sleep schedule.” Sleep is pretty important. Too much of it is bad and too little of it is also bad. I came into college expecting to get like three hours of sleep a night…which was not the case at all. Granted, there are people I know who get that much sleep a night but it’s definitely by choice. If you manage your time well and get things done, you’ll get however many hours of sleep you need every night.

Along with time management comes the workload you are given. The workload in college compared to high school is much different (in my opinion). Sometimes you are assigned a lot of assignments. I think the most I’ve ever had was having to write three essays in one week, on top of some little assignments here and there, and sometimes you aren’t assigned enough assignments and your week is super boring. It varies from week to week. All I can say to that is…be prepared…you are growing up and things change. Teachers aren’t going to baby you anymore. You’re in charge of yourself, so make sure you learn your best study tactics (and if you don’t know them by now you will know them within your first month) and BE ORGANIZED AND LEARN TIME MANAGEMENT….KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES….literally SO important.

Meeting new people. I wasn’t so worried about this one, because I’ve heard all about how college is where you meet the love of your life (maybe) and your bestest friends! Again I wouldn’t worry about this so much. Everyone is here for the same thing — to get an education and have fun. You will meet people and make new friends whether you want to or not. I’ve formed some pretty good relationships that I hope last for a long time. One thing I was worried about was losing the friends I already had…this is just a sad reality. Maybe you and your friends are going to different schools  and I encourage you to keep in touch with them, but the truth is you will lose touch with some friends, which is not a bad thing, just a part of life.

College is nothing to be scared about but it’s okay if you are [: I will definitely address more college worries in my later posts. Enjoy your month, Bobcats and future Bobcats!  


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