Taco Monday

by Nicholas Laughlin

One of the many reasons why I chose Texas State is because of how fast it’s growing. Texas State is the fourth biggest university in Texas, and San Marcos right along with it, growing as both Austin and Texas State grow. One of the newest additions to this growing campus town is the one and only, TORCHY’S TACOS.

Torchy’s started is a food truck in Austin and now has restaurants all over the state. I have been waiting for the day that Torchy’s came to San Marcos. If you are fond of Torchy’s then most likely you know where my excitement is coming from. If you have never been, you have to go! Torchy’s queso is pure cheesy, spicy gold and is a definite must-get. Their guacamole and array of salsas will not disappoint either.

In honor of their February 16th opening, Torchy’s gave away free tacos, chips, queso, salsa and guacamole from 6-10 PM. My friends and I got in line at 4:30 and were among the first people there. Within an hour, the line was wrapped all the way around the block with no end in sight. There was no limit to how many tacos we could order. So I could have honestly ordered 10 tacos and life would have been okay. I ended up ordering the fried avocado taco and the chicken fajita taco. I highly recommend both! The chicken fajita might sound basic, but honestly it is the best fajita meat I have ever had.

A free dinner from one of my favorite restaurants is always a great way to start the week. Food always tastes better when it’s free.

Now that my love of Torchy’s has been expressed, I want to also suggest the faculty art exhibit in Gallery 1 and 2 in the Joann Cole Mitte Building. I stumbled on this exhibit for my intro to art class, and I was honestly very impressed. I didn’t know that we had these galleries that housed such amazing art. It is really something that you have to experience yourself.


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