Texas State

by Alexus Moreno

A lot of my friends who are still in high school and are getting ready to graduate have contacted me and have asked my opinion about what it’s like to be a Texas State student, and I of course have nothing but great things to say about this university. In my past blog posts, I’ve talked about all the opportunities that have came my way and the different events here, but I thought I’d talk about more of the things that I haven’t hit on. Like I’ve said sooooooooooooooooooo many times before, Texas State has SOOOOOO many things to offer and has many great resources for everything.

Let’s start with the library. Alkek, being a library, has many books….now that I have stated the obvious, I’ll let you know what else is at this wonderful, quiet, peaceful building. Probably the coolest thing about Alkek (to me) is that it actually has a whole floor dedicated to art exhibits.They’ll change it up every once in awhile, but they’ll always have some sort of exhibit and it will always be cool. mural_crop

Alkek also has what they call the SLAC Lab…a place where you can actually slack off and do absolutely nothing…pretty cool huh? Well that’s not true (gotcha!). SLAC stands for Student Learning Assistance Center, and there they have tutors that will help you with a project, a paper, or any regular good ol’ homework for any subject. So no excuse for failure, because you got help right around the corner…always. *happy face*

Next…the Writing Center…YUP we have a center that will help you with just your writing. I’ve heard  they can help you turn a B into an A…who wouldn’t want that? Now the Writing Center doesn’t actually write your paper, but they do give you helpful advice and constructive criticism that will help you be a better writer. PLUS some…SOME…professors give extra credit for taking your paper to the Writing Center! Again…no excuse for failure because BAM..help just like that.rockwall

Last but definitely not least…the REC center (my all-time favorite place ever). The REC has an indoor track and pool, about 6-8 basketball courts/volleyball courts, weight area, and they offer many different classes, personal training, AND they have a ROCKWALL….a ROCKWALL….ok…a rockwall…if that’s not the coolest thing…I don’t know what is. The Rec is a great place to blow off steam and pump some iron or run your heart out. You could even do your homework there if you really wanted to — they have computers and printers. Just another reason why failure is no excuse…you can workout and get work (homework) done!

Texas State really wants all students to be successful and that’s why they offer all these really great things, and I mentioned only a few. If you are considering coming here, I say to you to REALLY consider it. Visit the campus, read our blogs, ask questions…it is great to be a Bobcat!

P.S. President LBJ went here and so did George Strait…WIN!


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