Taco to me

by Victoria Nguyen

Hey y’all. I hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be, and I hope you guys got the rest you need. I know I surely did. I spent the weekend hanging out with my roommate and we genuinely had a blast. After spending the past two days out on the softball field cheering on our girls, a nice slow-paced Sunday is just what the doctor ordered. I slept for a majority of the morning and made my way to church to return to my room and get a little homework done before heading out to a fun event with SACA. If you aren’t familiar with the organization SACA, I would strongly suggest you looking into it because it hosts some amazing events. Today’s “Taco to Me” social was no exception.

We were treated to some free tacos and a night of casual conversation. I enjoyed myself and really put myself out there to try and get to know more people. I am horrible in situations where I feel obligated to talk to complete strangers, but I have noticed that the more I do it, the easier it becomes. I have grown as an individual since coming to college and I just want to continue to branch out in the world.

I was able to talk with some really interesting people and find out unique qualities about them. I am strongly considering joining SACA just because the people are amazing and the events are super fun. I met some really cool people tonight and got connected with other organizations to get involved in. The most exciting one was Diamond Sweethearts, which I hope I can join this semester. I tried going out for these types of organizations in the fall, but felt defeated when I didn’t make it into one. This semester I am determined to become a member of an amazing organization and make more friends.

I really think that everyone should take advantage of SACA’s events because they really are amazingly fun. They have a wide variety of activities ranging from movie nights to food-centered socials. They provide the best atmosphere to make new friends and just be yourself. The tacos were delicious and the company was swell. The next event is Open Mic Night in George’s at 7pm. If you want to show off your amazing voice, this would be the perfect place to do it. I will gladly cheer you on from the audience because you definitely don’t want to hear me sing. Just get out there and explore everything SACA has to offer. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.


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