Sensational softball

by Victoria Nguyen

Today was a beautiful and amazingly fun day! I spent the morning wrapped up in my blanket, sprawled out on my bed until late into the morning. The few extra hours of sleep did wonders for my attitude and body alike. I recouped from the taxing week, and was in an incredible mood. The sun was out and my expectations for the day were cheery. Today was a great day for some Texas State Softball.

A great day for watching a game or two!

A great day for watching a game or two!

The 2015 Bobcat softball season kicked off with inspired play in the Hampton Inn & Suites Tournament held at our beloved Bobcat Softball Stadium. Coming from a major baseball/softball family, I was so excited to get back around the game. I played softball throughout my childhood and well into my teenage years. With the conclusion of high school, unfortunately, came the end of my softball career. I loved playing the game and the spirit of competition just surges through me to this very day.

Although my days of strapping on the cleats and clipping in the hair bows are long over, I knew I still had the opportunity to go and support my fellow Bobcats as they swung their bats and scored some runs. I spent the entire day — literally the entire day! — watching the beautiful game of softball and soaking up the available vitamin D. The afternoon started off with an intense game between the University of Pittsburgh and Northern Illinois with the Panthers coming out on top.

After a brief intermission, which in softball means a break for field maintenance and a quick lunch break, your mighty Bobcats took the field to take on the Sam Houston State University Bearkats. The game was well played with sound defensive and offensive attributes. With great pitching from ace Randi Rupp, the game was looking to be a shut-out until a late hit from those SHSU girls. The end result was a 6-1 win for yours truly! The Bobcats were walking into this double header with high spirits and positive momentum.

The last game of the night encompassed a come-from-behind, hard-fought victory provided by your mighty Bobcats. The first four innings were rough, with Northern Illinois pulling way with a four-to-two run ratio. With a coaching tweak, the lady Bobcats came back with a vengeance. Several of our girls walked away with home runs and I was proud to share a special moment with a special family. Isabelle Barnes’ family was in the house tonight to witness her first collegiate hit, which was a well-hit ball resulting in a double. Being apart of the game again was amazing, and although it was not the same as being physically on the field, I knew that cheering on a team from the sidelines is just as important as cheering them on in the dugout.

I will definitely be in attendance for the remainder of the season and encourage everyone else to do the same. Baseball season is around the corner as well, and you can guarantee I’ll be cheering on our boys proudly. The Hampton Inns & Suites Tournament will continue Saturday with a TXST vs. SHSU match-up at 10:30 followed by TXST taking Pittsburgh at 12:30, and concludes on Sunday with the TXST rematch with NIU at 11. The Bobcats came out strong and have started their season with a 2-0 record. I have high hopes for this season, and I’m sure the team does too. I am excited for the action to come and am looking forward to seeing our girls back in action very soon.


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