Taco Monday

by Nicholas Laughlin

One of the many reasons why I chose Texas State is because of how fast it’s growing. Texas State is the fourth biggest university in Texas, and San Marcos right along with it, growing as both Austin and Texas State grow. One of the newest additions to this growing campus town is the one and only, TORCHY’S TACOS.

Torchy’s started is a food truck in Austin and now has restaurants all over the state. I have been waiting for the day that Torchy’s came to San Marcos. If you are fond of Torchy’s then most likely you know where my excitement is coming from. If you have never been, you have to go! Torchy’s queso is pure cheesy, spicy gold and is a definite must-get. Their guacamole and array of salsas will not disappoint either.

In honor of their February 16th opening, Torchy’s gave away free tacos, chips, queso, salsa and guacamole from 6-10 PM. My friends and I got in line at 4:30 and were among the first people there. Within an hour, the line was wrapped all the way around the block with no end in sight. There was no limit to how many tacos we could order. So I could have honestly ordered 10 tacos and life would have been okay. I ended up ordering the fried avocado taco and the chicken fajita taco. I highly recommend both! The chicken fajita might sound basic, but honestly it is the best fajita meat I have ever had.

A free dinner from one of my favorite restaurants is always a great way to start the week. Food always tastes better when it’s free.

Now that my love of Torchy’s has been expressed, I want to also suggest the faculty art exhibit in Gallery 1 and 2 in the Joann Cole Mitte Building. I stumbled on this exhibit for my intro to art class, and I was honestly very impressed. I didn’t know that we had these galleries that housed such amazing art. It is really something that you have to experience yourself.



by Astrid Rangel

Hey Bobcats, sorry I’ve taken a while to write again, but my semester so far has been the craziest.  I wish I had enough characters to say all that is going on but I’m pretty sure I would be here until next spring. All you  have to know is that I am going bananas on the other end of this screen. I had financial aid problems, about which, by the way, my advice is to always go talk to them in person — believe me it works a lot more than calling.

I am taking 15 hours this semester and I thought it was going to be easier since I already did this last semester! HAHAHAHA (I’m laughing at myself because it is not the case).  Here’s the update on the crazy and disturbed life of Astrid.  I have two tests on THURSDAY, I have paper due next week and I work at least 20 hours a week if not more. Compared to some people, my level of stress is nothing, but hey it’s stress for me.

Another thing I wanted to talk about today is something that happened to me last week. It was honestly probably the worst week I’ve had here since last semester. My mood started deteriorating by the minute and I didn’t catch myself until I was in a hole I had dug without a way out. That hadn’t happened to me in so long I had forgotten how bad it felt when your own mind starts to play tricks on you. All week my mood worsen until I was literally crying myself to sleep and I had no idea why. It feel horrible. So if you’re at that point, take a moment and analyze what is going on. I did that and I realized that there’s so much more to everything going on in my life. The fact that I am here should be a testament that I can do a lot. Also, if you have a friend, talk to her or him. Talk to someone, maybe find a stranger and pour your heart out — it doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t hold it in. It feels a lot better once you get it out of your system and have a clear head. Please do stay away from unhealthy decisions. Yes, I know milk doesn’t cure anything, but neither does alcohol or drugs. Making decisions like that could change your life. I know, I know, so cliche, but we all know it’s true. Find something positive to do. Go to the counseling center, it is there for us so why not use it? Just don’t sit there and let it consume you because time doesn’t stop for anyone and by the time, you realize it so much could have gone by without you noticing.

To end on a positive note, I want to talk about the red and lovely holiday coming up called VALENTINE’S DAY.  I personally ain’t such an advocate for it but it’s always good to have an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate at once.  ‘Also just a little reminder, Valentine’s day isn’t just about having a partner and spending it with them. Valentine’s Day is about friendship and about all the people around who love you. I know sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you see everyone with their significant other but sometimes the best relationships aren’t with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I know that right now at this point in our lives we want someone to be there like that but this Valentine’s Day just remember that little fact. So if you do have someone, have fun, but also remember that there are other people around you who love you and same goes for people that don’t. Spend this day with your friends or whoever it is that you love.

Alright bobcats, I will say goodbye for now but I swear I will try my best to come back and write sooner. I just need to get over this madness. Have a good weekend and remember to stay safe. Much love! ❤🐾

Texas State

by Alexus Moreno

A lot of my friends who are still in high school and are getting ready to graduate have contacted me and have asked my opinion about what it’s like to be a Texas State student, and I of course have nothing but great things to say about this university. In my past blog posts, I’ve talked about all the opportunities that have came my way and the different events here, but I thought I’d talk about more of the things that I haven’t hit on. Like I’ve said sooooooooooooooooooo many times before, Texas State has SOOOOOO many things to offer and has many great resources for everything.

Let’s start with the library. Alkek, being a library, has many books….now that I have stated the obvious, I’ll let you know what else is at this wonderful, quiet, peaceful building. Probably the coolest thing about Alkek (to me) is that it actually has a whole floor dedicated to art exhibits.They’ll change it up every once in awhile, but they’ll always have some sort of exhibit and it will always be cool. mural_crop

Alkek also has what they call the SLAC Lab…a place where you can actually slack off and do absolutely nothing…pretty cool huh? Well that’s not true (gotcha!). SLAC stands for Student Learning Assistance Center, and there they have tutors that will help you with a project, a paper, or any regular good ol’ homework for any subject. So no excuse for failure, because you got help right around the corner…always. *happy face*

Next…the Writing Center…YUP we have a center that will help you with just your writing. I’ve heard  they can help you turn a B into an A…who wouldn’t want that? Now the Writing Center doesn’t actually write your paper, but they do give you helpful advice and constructive criticism that will help you be a better writer. PLUS some…SOME…professors give extra credit for taking your paper to the Writing Center! Again…no excuse for failure because BAM..help just like that.rockwall

Last but definitely not least…the REC center (my all-time favorite place ever). The REC has an indoor track and pool, about 6-8 basketball courts/volleyball courts, weight area, and they offer many different classes, personal training, AND they have a ROCKWALL….a ROCKWALL….ok…a rockwall…if that’s not the coolest thing…I don’t know what is. The Rec is a great place to blow off steam and pump some iron or run your heart out. You could even do your homework there if you really wanted to — they have computers and printers. Just another reason why failure is no excuse…you can workout and get work (homework) done!

Texas State really wants all students to be successful and that’s why they offer all these really great things, and I mentioned only a few. If you are considering coming here, I say to you to REALLY consider it. Visit the campus, read our blogs, ask questions…it is great to be a Bobcat!

P.S. President LBJ went here and so did George Strait…WIN!

Taco to me

by Victoria Nguyen

Hey y’all. I hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be, and I hope you guys got the rest you need. I know I surely did. I spent the weekend hanging out with my roommate and we genuinely had a blast. After spending the past two days out on the softball field cheering on our girls, a nice slow-paced Sunday is just what the doctor ordered. I slept for a majority of the morning and made my way to church to return to my room and get a little homework done before heading out to a fun event with SACA. If you aren’t familiar with the organization SACA, I would strongly suggest you looking into it because it hosts some amazing events. Today’s “Taco to Me” social was no exception.

We were treated to some free tacos and a night of casual conversation. I enjoyed myself and really put myself out there to try and get to know more people. I am horrible in situations where I feel obligated to talk to complete strangers, but I have noticed that the more I do it, the easier it becomes. I have grown as an individual since coming to college and I just want to continue to branch out in the world. Continue reading

Sensational softball

by Victoria Nguyen

Today was a beautiful and amazingly fun day! I spent the morning wrapped up in my blanket, sprawled out on my bed until late into the morning. The few extra hours of sleep did wonders for my attitude and body alike. I recouped from the taxing week, and was in an incredible mood. The sun was out and my expectations for the day were cheery. Today was a great day for some Texas State Softball.

A great day for watching a game or two!

A great day for watching a game or two!

The 2015 Bobcat softball season kicked off with inspired play in the Hampton Inn & Suites Tournament held at our beloved Bobcat Softball Stadium. Coming from a major baseball/softball family, I was so excited to get back around the game. I played softball throughout my childhood and well into my teenage years. With the conclusion of high school, unfortunately, came the end of my softball career. I loved playing the game and the spirit of competition just surges through me to this very day.

Although my days of strapping on the cleats and clipping in the hair bows are long over, I knew I still had the opportunity to go and support my fellow Bobcats as they swung their bats and scored some runs. I spent the entire day — literally the entire day! — watching the beautiful game of softball and soaking up the available vitamin D. The afternoon started off with an intense game between the University of Pittsburgh and Northern Illinois with the Panthers coming out on top. Continue reading