First college semester ✔

by Astrid Rangel

It is Friday morning and I, Astrid A. Rangel, am officially done with all of my finals. The semester has come to an end and in a way it feels so good yet, it happened so fast. I guess it was true what my mom said to me so many years ago:  “As you grow older, time passes you quicker.” I never understood the actual accuracy of that statement until right about NOW.

My first semester of college was not what I expected but a whole lot better. You see, I had never been out of my actual hometown and when I decided to make this huge leap I was scared (which is common for anyone leaving home). Texas State has given me so much since a few months ago. One thing I can tell you is that my confidence has had one huge boost. It feels like nothing has changed but I know that it is completely different.

Texas State was the BEST DECISION I made. It’s pointless to wonder what it would have been like to have actually stayed back home but at this point I can’t imagine a college experience outside Texas State. I have been through it all. From Austin City Limits music festival to crazy parties and awesome midnight adventures, I can honestly say I had a blast. Yet, on the other hand, we have something completely different. From 8 am’s to study guides to sleepless nights and morning regret, I now know that the need for balance between my education and social life is much needed.

In general, everything I did this semester was challenging. It challenged my mind, body, strength, emotions, and even my confidence. I never thought I could actually support myself and move forward by myself. Yes, I have always been an independent person but I always had someone else to rely on when needed and now I don’t. I had to rely upon myself when things were not the way I expected. It was hard, I won’t sugarcoat it and say it was easy, because it isn’t. Responsibility is an actual important thing now and everything that mattered when I was in high school is irrelevant at this point.

This semester was kind of like the test run. Now I know exactly what is a good idea and what isn’t.  Those things no one can tell you because, well, those are things only you can figure out by yourself. Being completely honest, I let some classes go, and that wasn’t the best idea. No, I didn’t get completely swallowed by the idea of a CRAZY college experience but my social life did eat a little of my grades. NOT A GOOD IDEA. Yet, I think it was better to find out now rather than a few years from now when I’ll be close to graduating. I have had my cake. Now it’s crunch time.

This semester was the best thing ever. I had so much fun and met so many new people. My mind expanded with possibilities and opportunity for a more open future and no one can take that away from me.

A few semester highlights:

  • I am now a coffee person.
  • I study a lot more than before, I also go out a lot more than before and I appreciate things I didn’t before.
  • My last few days have been complete hell. Finals are brutal and running out of swipes is terrible. I don’t know how people deal without them.
  • Instant noodles are my new-found best friends.
  • Yes, sometimes bread and nutella is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.
  • Energy drinks sometimes do save your life.
  • Wearing the same thing on Monday and Tuesday is totally fine because you have totally different schedules.
  • Doing laundry isn’t as bad as when you run out of things to actually wear, like underwear.
  • Having lunch by yourself isn’t as tragic as it was before.
  • Going to the library doesn’t mean you are a nerd. Everyone … I repeat EVERYONE … does it and if they don’t, who cares?
  • You probably will never get to meet every single student on this campus.
  • Looking like you got hit by a bus is an actual thing when all you want to do is get over class and go have a bagel.
  • The freshman 15 is not a myth, but at Texas State it is rare since all you do is walk.
  • Yes, you will run out of breath going up a hill.
  • Making friends is actually not so bad. Strangers aren’t always DANGER.
  • Sleep will become your most favorite thing on earth, yet you will get very little of it.

I swear I was going somewhere with that. Anyways, I had an awesome semester and I still managed to keep my grades, job and social life at a good point. Finals were the storm and now we have the calm. I am ready for this calm. Everyone is ready for it. So Bobcats have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and I will see you all in 2015 to do this all over again. Much love! 🐾💕


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