First semester of college: CHECK

by Alexus Moreno

CONGRATULATIONS everyone! Finals are almost over and the semester is almost over. Christmas break is literally in our reach. You made it this far, and that’s quite the accomplishment, if you ask me. These past three weeks have probably been the most busy of my entire life (I’m sure many others can say the same). Getting final projects due, studying for finals on top of getting other work done, trying to pack up my stuff for what I will be taking home (because we are off for a month, yesssssssssssssss), making sure my classes are in check for next semester, and just trying to keep sane through it all.
Finals week is no joke. No matter how many finals you have, it is still really stressful. It’s crazy how much you can learn in just ONE semester. And it’s crazy how much you can forget in one semester.  While I was studying, I couldn’t believe all I had forgotten … so I made a 1,000-page study guide … okay, it was more like 10 pages, but it’s finals week. I can exaggerate a little.

I spent the weekend studying, and I never had a harder time studying. Just a tip for all future freshmen … if you’re like me and get distracted easily … don’t go home the weekend before finals, because it’s extremely hard to focus. I had a wonderful wedding to attend so there I was studying every chance I got … in between dances, toasts, hugs, pictures (not the best study tactic). It’s important to get the right amount of studying done and the right amount of sleep before finals. I hear stories about people staying up all night to study, and let me tell you … DON’T do that. You’ll be in such a foul mood the next day and you’ll be sleep deprived all on top of taking a test. Not a pretty picture. If you study for an hour here and there throughout the day, you’ll be in good hands. Don’t try and memorize everything all at once; take it in little by little.

Enough talk about finals, and more talk about how this semester is basically over. I feel like I just won a Grammy or something. My first semester of college is COMPLETE. That feels good to say, but then I realize I have three more years to go. However, this semester flew by. I can only imagine how fast these next few years will go. Soon we will be freshmen no more! One semester down, seven more to go!

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful time over the holidays, enjoy yourself and your families and be sure to wake up happy every day (you don’t want to waste any of these days by being mad/sad). Next semester, you’ll be in new classes, with new people, and HEY, it’ll 2015!

Until next year, Bobcats…stay golden.


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