Sights and sounds

by Victoria Nguyen

I know the days have been stressful and the nights have been long, but I just wanted to follow up with Sights and Sounds just like I promised. It was better than I thought it would ever be and I had a blast. What better way to spend a Saturday night than going to a fun, festive event! The lights were amazing. The centerpiece was a huge Christmas tree of lights. It lit up the night and provided the essential spirit necessary for the function.

Everything from the smell of fried this and sugary that, to the sounds of laughter, to the radiating lights of smiles made the entire event special. This is my first Christmas season away from home, and I was really starting to miss my family. Seeing all the little kids running around and parents walking around just brought a wave of emotions over me. It made me reminisce the times I spent with my family, and excited for the memories I will be making for years to come. Being with people you love and experiencing all the fun things life has to offer is the most important part of the holidays!

My expectations were blown away. I was not expecting all that fun packed into a community event. My assumption of a rodeo was fulfilled and there were indeed plenty of cowboys strutting around, and even a mechanical bull rider or two to tie it all together. There were carnival games such as the usual balloon pop, basketball toss, and the impossible bottle knock over game. Although the lines for the amusement rides were scary long, they were well worth the wait to enjoy the amusement at hand. My friend and I are hardly thrill-seekers and the rides present were challenging our teen spirit. We rode the dizziest rides and had a blast. We went on the rides that would take you up into the air and make you feel as if you were free falling back down to earth. Of course we were screaming and laughing terrified for our safety while five- and six-year-olds were taking it all in like champs. We tested our faith and tried something new, completing our overall experience of our first semester of college.

After our adventurous spirit subsided, we discovered we had built up quite an appetite. A carnival experience is nothing without the indulgence of greasy, fried junk food. I could smell the sweet and salty kettle corn the minute we walked into the park. I could not resist the tempting sweet that was calling my name from across the way. Of course I bought a bag and saw how enormous it all was and was in pure heaven. I also looked a little silly, walking around with a giant bag of popcorn the rest of the night, but I couldn’t have been any happier. The best part of my night was going on the bumper cars, which I haven’t done in years. I had a blast and felt like a kid again. I was laughing and enjoying myself, which has been hard to do the past few months. I was brought back to my childhood and relived some of the greatest memories in the span of a couple hours.

Now that the semester is wrapping up and finals are upon us, I just thought it would be a good opportunity to give everyone a little treat to look forward to. The Christmas and holiday spirit is on the horizon and is waiting for us after this grueling time. I know I am going to be celebrating when this is all over with all the festivities that are around the corner. I hope everyone does well on their tests and I am rooting for you all. Just for an added bonus, I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday and/or Merry Christmas. Good luck in all that you set out to do in the coming year and for those who are graduating, good luck to the start of your life!


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