End of semester madness

by Nicholas Laughlin

It is finally that time of year! The weather has become a steady(ish) cold, and San Marcos is lit with lights and feels like the holidays. These past two weeks have been intense with classes ending, studying for finals and all of the end-of-the year hoopla. But instead of writing about finals and my struggle to study, I want to tell you about my apartment-searching adventures that have taken place the last couple of days.

To all of you incoming freshman, dorm life really isn’t all that bad. You get a meal plan, and you meet your best friends. Come winter break, though, you start thinking about your sophomore year, and you are ready to have your own bedroom, bathroom and be able to cook your own food. The last couple of days, my friend Emma and I drove around San Marcos looking for own new home away from home for next year. We made a list of places we wanted to check out, but while touring the city we found SO MANY we didn’t even know about. There is no shortage of places to live in San Marcos! Emma and I have narrowed down our list to four places, and now we need to show them to our other friends we are going to live with. It was nice to break away from studying to search for a new home.

It has been one heck of a semester. There is no way I have been here only three and a half months! Time really does fly when you are having fun. Texas State has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I hope everyone has a great winter break, and don’t forget to keep reading the blog next semester! I am sure that the other bloggers and I will have no shortage of things to write about!


First college semester ✔

by Astrid Rangel

It is Friday morning and I, Astrid A. Rangel, am officially done with all of my finals. The semester has come to an end and in a way it feels so good yet, it happened so fast. I guess it was true what my mom said to me so many years ago:  “As you grow older, time passes you quicker.” I never understood the actual accuracy of that statement until right about NOW.

My first semester of college was not what I expected but a whole lot better. You see, I had never been out of my actual hometown and when I decided to make this huge leap I was scared (which is common for anyone leaving home). Texas State has given me so much since a few months ago. One thing I can tell you is that my confidence has had one huge boost. It feels like nothing has changed but I know that it is completely different. Continue reading

First semester of college: CHECK

by Alexus Moreno

CONGRATULATIONS everyone! Finals are almost over and the semester is almost over. Christmas break is literally in our reach. You made it this far, and that’s quite the accomplishment, if you ask me. These past three weeks have probably been the most busy of my entire life (I’m sure many others can say the same). Getting final projects due, studying for finals on top of getting other work done, trying to pack up my stuff for what I will be taking home (because we are off for a month, yesssssssssssssss), making sure my classes are in check for next semester, and just trying to keep sane through it all.
Finals week is no joke. No matter how many finals you have, it is still really stressful. It’s crazy how much you can learn in just ONE semester. And it’s crazy how much you can forget in one semester.  While I was studying, I couldn’t believe all I had forgotten … so I made a 1,000-page study guide … okay, it was more like 10 pages, but it’s finals week. I can exaggerate a little. Continue reading

Sights and sounds

by Victoria Nguyen

I know the days have been stressful and the nights have been long, but I just wanted to follow up with Sights and Sounds just like I promised. It was better than I thought it would ever be and I had a blast. What better way to spend a Saturday night than going to a fun, festive event! The lights were amazing. The centerpiece was a huge Christmas tree of lights. It lit up the night and provided the essential spirit necessary for the function.

Everything from the smell of fried this and sugary that, to the sounds of laughter, to the radiating lights of smiles made the entire event special. This is my first Christmas season away from home, and I was really starting to miss my family. Seeing all the little kids running around and parents walking around just brought a wave of emotions over me. It made me reminisce the times I spent with my family, and excited for the memories I will be making for years to come. Being with people you love and experiencing all the fun things life has to offer is the most important part of the holidays!

Continue reading

Festive frenzy

by Victoria Nguyen

Well, Thanksgiving break sure flew by! This time of the year is one of the most hectic for me, and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. As crazy as this time of the year gets, I can’t help but feel like a little kid again. I detest the cold, but I am a firm believer in the Christmas and holiday spirit. I love the magic and beauty involved in the festivities of the season. I wouldn’t say Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I would say the winter season would be nothing without lights and decorations. Although I appreciate the gifts and treats associated with the holiday season, I find the real beauty of the holidays comes from the spirit of family and togetherness. Continue reading