Crunch time

by Victoria Nguyen

IMAG1015-2Hey, guys! I hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween. I went back to Houston for the weekend and spent time with my family. It never gets old to dress up and act silly with my cousins, and I live for moments like these. I dressed up as a rainbow zebra and had a blast. I definitely ate one too many Kit Kats this weekend and will definitely be making a trip or two to the rec this week!

Now that the fun has come to an end, it’s getting down to the final month or so of my first semester! I can’t believe how quickly the first half of the year went. One minute we are unpacking our stuff and settling in to our new homes, and sooner than you think we will be packing most of it back up to go home for Christmas. I was just looking at the Texas State University calendar and noticed that we have about four more weeks until finals. It is time, Bobcats, to get our theoretical ducks in a row!

The semester is beginning to wrap up and the fall academic season is almost over. Just keep in mind that finals begin on December 6 and after Thanksgiving we are pretty much done. If you are having trouble in your classes, might I suggest to plan a trip to the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) on the fourth floor of the library? The staff is super friendly, and they really do help. Don’t leave your grades to the last minute because we all know that that leads to a lot of stress and a huge headache. Now is the time to get everything together.

I am struggling a little to keep myself motivated through the rest of the semester, but I saw my grades and I am well on my way to fixing my study habits. I need to put Netflix on the back burner for a little while so that I can keep myself on the right track. I’ve been slacking a little bit on studying and I have to remind myself why I’m in school every once in a while. My academic goal for this year is to make the Dean’s List. I am ready for the challenge, and I’m ready to conquer it all. Bring it on, biology, because I’m ready!

I wish y’all the best as you finish up your classes, and I hope that everything goes well. I’ll leave you with some advice that was shared with me via a professor: “Have everything done before Thanksgiving because if you aren’t caught up by then, you may not be able to catch up at all!”


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