Best friend

by Alexus Moreno

Most people can consider themselves a dog person, a cat person, a mouse person, a bird person, or whatever animal they really love, or maybe they don’t like animals. I am a HUGE dog person. I have a big soft spot in my heart for dogs because they really can be your best friend and no matter what, they are constantly there for you and always find a way to make you happy. I have three dogs back at home: a chihuahua named Bubuch (bub-uh-ch) and two Akitas named Vrabel (vray-bool) and Sake (sock-e) … however, my sweet Sake passed away Monday morning.IMG_3712

I write about this because it has affected me greatly and has made this week really hard to get through. Sake had a brain disease that had no cure. We knew this from an early age and did whatever we could, but we were told all we could do was to just let her live her life until her last days. We did exactly that. Sake was always cheerful and loving … by looking at her, you would never be able to tell she had a brain disease. This brain disease made it hard for her to keep her balance, therefore walking was always a struggle. She was also deaf so that was another factor that contributed to her illness. However, she never let any of these things get in the way of her enjoying life. She was such a happy dog. I always looked forward to going home and seeing her, because if I had a bad week she would instantly make it all better. I figured here is a dog that has every excuse to be miserable but she’s not. Sake never showed any signs that she was suffering until her last day … it was Sunday and I was getting ready to go back to San Marcos from my home and I went to go say bye to her, like I always do, but this time I had to lift her precious head to get her to be aware that I was right there instead of her usual bobbing of her head everywhere trying to nudge my face … I even had to set her head down for her … and that night I had a feeling I wouldn’t see her again.

Pets have so much to teach us!

Pets have so much to teach us!

Later Monday my mom called to tell me the heartbreaking news. Of course I cried my eyes out, but I was also happy at the same time. I knew that she was somewhere else where she would be healthy and happy, which is all I ever wanted. My family and I love our dogs so so so much and we gave her all the love in the world. To anyone who loves their dogs as much as I do, do me a favor and give them big giant hugs when you go home and see their happy faces. Dogs, cats and whatever animal you keep as a pet make life so much better. Because like I said, they really can be your best friend. Sake showed me that just because so many things are wrong in life or with loved ones or with yourself even … you should always find a way to enjoy what time you have here. Like my dog, I will live my life to the fullest, and hope you all do too.


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