Job fairs = cool

by Alexus Moreno

This week I took it upon myself to not be lazy and attend the Mass Communication job fair, and let me tell you … it was such a great experience. I applaud Texas State greatly for putting together these job fairs (that seem to happen a few times every month); they are so beneficial. Even if you aren’t looking for a job yet, I still highly suggest attending at least one job fair.

Texas State and everyone who is a part of this university gives the students here so many opportunities to shine. Everywhere you turn, there is guaranteed to be an opportunity waiting for you just around the corner. It’s just up to you to look for it and be up for the challenge. Continue reading


Fun times and family ties

From a blank canvas ...

From a blank canvas …

Hey, everybody! Can you believe how fast the time is flying around here? This weekend just put everything in perspective for me. I finally feel settled in, and I am definitely finding myself comfortable with my surroundings. And most importantly, I am having fun. The past couple of weeks have come along and I can honestly say that I have had something exciting to do every week.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in Student Association for Campus Activities‘ (SACA’s) Painting with a Treat event. They brought in some artists from New Braunfels’ Painting with a Twist to guide us through painting a Van Gogh-inspired sailboat. I had a blast trying to connect with my artistic side. We painted, chatted, played some games and just enjoyed ourselves. SACA is thinking about putting on another event like this in the spring and I would recommend everyone to sign up for it. Continue reading

Halfway mark

by Nicholas Laughlin

It’s crazy that my first semester of college is halfway over. Fortunately it has been a crazy experience and I wouldn’t trade for anything. One of the crazy things that happened last week was that I registered for my spring classes. I really cannot believe that. In the midst of taking midterms and a final in my Grammar for Journalism class, I had to register for my spring classes. I am really excited for my schedule because I have only one class on Wednesday and no classes on Friday!

At the end of my busy week, I got to spend Friday afternoon with working journalism professionals from the central Texas area. I am a news reporter for The University Star and every year they invite fellow news reporters to look at our work and help us improve. It was one of the best experiences that I have had so far. I loved all of the constructive criticism I received. It definitely re-charged the passion I have for journalism.

To continue my on with journalism, I am nerding out too much for Mass Communication Week this week! There are so many interesting sessions that I can’t wait to attend. I am most excited for Evan Smith’s session. Evan is the editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, which is a terrific digital news organization about Texas public policy and politics. I am sure he will give an interesting session.

The only other thing I am more excited about than Mass Communication Week is getting to go home this weekend. I have not been home since I moved in, so it will be refreshing to go back to Fort Worth for a couple of days. I will get to see my family and more importantly my dog!

I am so ready to tackle the next half of the semester. I have accomplished so much in a very small amount of time. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds. There are only five more weeks until Thanksgiving break and eight more weeks until winter break. We can do it!

Hard times call for relaxation

by Victoria Nguyen

Ahhhh! It is finally the weekend. I don’t know about all of y’all, but the weekend could not come fast enough. This week was seemingly endless. The 8 AMs this week were pure torture and the work was just piling up on me. I try so hard to stay on top of all my assignments and I usually do a decent job of that, but this week somehow everything just started to stack up into an gigantic mountain. However, through a few long nights and perseverance, I was able to catch up, leaving me with a weekend that I am dedicating to being a lazy pile of mush.

I rented a few movies from the library that I haven’t had the time to watch, so that’s first on the list. Also, because of my lack of a TV, I have been missing all my favorite shows that I’ve become accustomed to watching. Luckily the networks that broadcast these amazing shows stream them online. I assure you there is a laundry list of shows that have piled up on me. The newest one that I’ve found to be really good is Red Band Society on FOX. It’s a little girly, I must admit, but the show is so out of the box. I encourage you guys to check it out and see if it sparks any interest. Lastly, I checked HBO Go and found that they had uploaded an enormous amount of new movies, most of which I haven’t seen but really, really wanted to.

I have my work cut out for me, but I will be the champion of this monumental task of video watching. I literally have planned on not getting out of bed for anything tomorrow. The only reason I will be leaving my room on Sunday will be for church, but as soon as that’s over, I’m finding my way back to my warm bed to veg out on more TV! This weekend is a lazy one for me, but I hope that no matter what your plans are that you remember to stay safe and have fun!

Best friend

by Alexus Moreno

Most people can consider themselves a dog person, a cat person, a mouse person, a bird person, or whatever animal they really love, or maybe they don’t like animals. I am a HUGE dog person. I have a big soft spot in my heart for dogs because they really can be your best friend and no matter what, they are constantly there for you and always find a way to make you happy. I have three dogs back at home: a chihuahua named Bubuch (bub-uh-ch) and two Akitas named Vrabel (vray-bool) and Sake (sock-e) … however, my sweet Sake passed away Monday morning.IMG_3712

I write about this because it has affected me greatly and has made this week really hard to get through. Sake had a brain disease that had no cure. We knew this from an early age and did whatever we could, but we were told all we could do was to just let her live her life until her last days. We did exactly that. Sake was always cheerful and loving … by looking at her, you would never be able to tell she had a brain disease. This brain disease made it hard for her to keep her balance, therefore walking was always a struggle. She was also deaf so that was another factor that contributed to her illness. However, she never let any of these things get in the way of her enjoying life. She was such a happy dog. I always looked forward to going home and seeing her, because if I had a bad week she would instantly make it all better. I figured here is a dog that has every excuse to be miserable but she’s not. Sake never showed any signs that she was suffering until her last day … it was Sunday and I was getting ready to go back to San Marcos from my home and I went to go say bye to her, like I always do, but this time I had to lift her precious head to get her to be aware that I was right there instead of her usual bobbing of her head everywhere trying to nudge my face … I even had to set her head down for her … and that night I had a feeling I wouldn’t see her again.

Pets have so much to teach us!

Pets have so much to teach us!

Later Monday my mom called to tell me the heartbreaking news. Of course I cried my eyes out, but I was also happy at the same time. I knew that she was somewhere else where she would be healthy and happy, which is all I ever wanted. My family and I love our dogs so so so much and we gave her all the love in the world. To anyone who loves their dogs as much as I do, do me a favor and give them big giant hugs when you go home and see their happy faces. Dogs, cats and whatever animal you keep as a pet make life so much better. Because like I said, they really can be your best friend. Sake showed me that just because so many things are wrong in life or with loved ones or with yourself even … you should always find a way to enjoy what time you have here. Like my dog, I will live my life to the fullest, and hope you all do too.

A great weekend with friends

by Nicholas Laughlin

Because San Marcos is so close to both Austin and San Marcos, you have so many cultural events to choose from.

Because San Marcos is so close to both Austin and San Marcos, you have so many cultural events to choose from.

I had been looking forward to last weekend since August. I finally got to go to my first music festival, Austin City Limits (ACL), in Austin. The whole festival experience was true to what I thought it would be. I went on Friday and Saturday and saw some amazing shows! On Friday, I saw Bleachers, Sam Smith, Foster the People and OutKast. ALL of them were fantastic, especially Sam Smith. If you have not listened to his album, In The Lonely Hour, you absolutely should. His voice alone is the only reason you need to give this artist a chance. Bleachers was also excellent, I highly recommend them as well. Saturday was another great day! I got to see Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea and Skrillex. They were all great!

I also got to hang out with a few of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, which is always a plus. Getting to spend three days with your friends, in Austin, listening to your favorite bands makes for a perfect weekend! During my visit, I had some of my favorite foods, like Hey Cupcake!, Torchy’s, Kerby Lane, Amy’s Ice Cream and JuiceLand. There is so much great food yet so little time. Continue reading

What to do, what to do

by Alexus Moreno

I’m sure every college student and everyone in general goes through an obstacle in life that makes them completely stumped and a little lost. That is me right now. I’m not in a bad spot or anything … I’m just questioning a lot of things in my life at the moment. How am I going to accomplish my goals? How am I going to graduate college in four years? How am I going to overcome all these challenges that have been thrown at me this past month? How am I going to keep myself happy and everyone else around me? When I stop and think about it, it seems almost impossible to work towards these things all at once. Specifically because I don’t know the answer to any of these. All I know is that I am going to my best to get it done, no matter what. Continue reading