The crickets

by Victoria Nguyen

Oh, how we love the crickets at Texas State! Actually no! That couldn’t be further from the truth. These pesky little creatures are wearing on most of the residents here on campus. They love to sneak into everything and every place imaginable. They like to cause trouble and don’t care what kind of mess they leave behind.

Walking around campus you can definitely see and hear their presence. I can’t even walk to the gym without seeing one hop up in my path, or see the remains of a squished one on the sidewalk. They are literally everywhere trying to freak me out! I can’t stand them and they are causing me to have mini panic attacks every time they jump out at me in the dark.

They also like to find their way into my dorm room. The other day I thought I was going crazy. I thought for sure that I was certifiably insane because I kept hearing this loud screeching noise that was keeping me away from my music session. I thought my roommate was just being lazy and was neglecting her alarm or something like that. Every time I got up to check on the noise it would stop. The little varmint was toying with me at this point. It was on the verge of causing a rift in my relationship with my roommate.

Some crickets aren't as cute as this guy.

Some crickets aren’t as cute as this guy.

Today we finally had enough. The two of us were beginning to get paranoid and decided to investigate this suspicious noise. We discovered the creature in between some boxes under my roommate’s bed and clearly we freaked out not knowing what to do with the thing. Neither of us likes bugs, and we both didn’t want to have to dispose of it. Seeing as though I was handling the situation a little easier than my living mate, I took the courageous lead in perusing the creature of our despair. I grabbed my flip flop and tapped it. My intention was not to kill it, but my brute force was too much for the poor thing to handle. After it was dead, we disposed of its remains.

Tonight we took extra precautions and slid a towel under the door to keep any other creepy crawlies from entering under the crack. Just a warning to all Texas State Bobcats. The crickets are here and they don’t show signs of leaving anytime soon. They are lurking in the shadows and waiting for you everywhere you turn. Beware of the crickets because they will find you!


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