School spirit

by Astrid Rangel

I talked about getting involved some time ago and today I want to share some of the things I’ve been doing. Since the day I moved in to my dorm, I’ve absolutely loved it. The RAs there are awesome and really helpful and the people in general are great. Anyways, there is this organization called Hall Council that is run by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and I decided to run for it. Hall council is much like student council but for residence halls, and it’s a way to get your voice for your hall across to the actual RHA.

Getting involved in campus activities leads to fun and friendship.

Getting involved in campus activities leads to fun and friendship.

Now I am the historian for my hall. I’ve gotten to meet people and there are a lot of things I am now getting involved with. Like, for example, Homecoming is fast approaching and that has me feeling some type of way. I know there are several events coming and they sound great. There is going to be a talent show, a soap box derby, 3-on-3 basketball, powder puff, and then, of course, the game. If you all have the chance, go out and see these events for yourself, because I am absolutely sure they will be really fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a person race down a road in a tiny car made out of wood? So start saving the date, Bobcats, because the week of fun starts on September 27 – October 4!

I still have some getting involved to do but for now I am happy with what I am doing. I also started to work on Saturday and it’s pretty cool. I’ve completely settled in and it’s lovely. There are so many things happening around me that it would be a shame to not join in. So as a friendly tip, I really encourage you guys to get out there and get involved. The friendships that you will form are just unforgettable.

I hope you all have an awesome week! Stay awesome, Bobcats!!šŸ¾šŸ±


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