by Alexus Moreno

It’s almost been a full month of school. Almost a full month of all of us taking on new responsibilities, a full month of learning new things, a full month of meeting new people … this month is truly the start to the rest of our lives. It’s crazy how inspired I have become by Texas State. I find myself taking on challenges I never thought I was capable of and the things I have accomplished in this first month have made me very pleased with the person I have become. They say college is all about change, and they are right. College has definitely changed me already, as well as others I have met here. I love witnessing this change because we are all becoming adults and it’s very refreshing to see people care about their education and know what they want to accomplish with their time here and in life.

This first month has not been easy, but it’s been fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what October will bring, because like I said …Texas State has inspired me so much! Walking down the Quad, I see so many personalities and it makes me happy to be a student here. Once I get into class, it’s even better because everyone is engaged in what we are learning, which is probably one of my favorite things about college. In high school, some people honestly couldn’t care less what we were learning about, so it’s nice to be in this environment.

My professors here are so passionate about what they are teaching that it makes me passionate about what I am learning. Although all my professors teach very effectively, there are two teachers who really stand out. Dr. Fluker, who teaches my Mass Communications class and Mr. Ibanez, who teaches my U.S Seminar class. When they teach I can’t help and think “Man…I hope I’m able to love my job as much as they do.” I feel honored to be taught by so many amazing people who make me excited about my future.

Not only do my professors inspire me but the whole town of San Marcos does as well. As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend was my first weekend staying in San Marcos. Friday I attended the “Opening Door Dance Theatre” Alumni performance and after every dance routine that was performed I was left in awe … it was so good and emotional and everything a performance should be. I did theatre in high school so naturally I get excited about any kind of performance, and this dance recital surpassed all my expectations.

Saturday night I attended the football game … unfortunately we did not win, but the game was still so fun! Everyone was so hyped and it felt good to not be the only person yelling at the top of their lungs “THROW THE BALL” or “GO GO GO”. It felt as if all of San Marcos was there at that game … it was great. Afterwards, my roommate and I took a walk to Jack in the Box (which was the best meal ever because I was starving) and on our walk there, we were surprised with many car honks filled with people going “WHOOHOOOO” or yelling “YEAH, TEXAS STATE.” That to me is exciting! It ties back with the friendliness of this town and it honestly makes me so happy, because who doesn’t like the hype?

Inspiration is floating everywhere around this town. I’ve been inspired to work harder, challenge myself, meet new people, learn new things, be happy, make other people happy, live in the moment … the list goes on and on! I hope that everyone reading this has something that inspires them … because that’s important. Find something that makes you so excited to accomplish things, and as cheesy and cliche as this sounds … even you can be the inspiration … whether it’s for yourself or to others.


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