Fun nights

by Victoria Nguyen

Today turned out to be a pretty good day, despite the seemingly less than positive details that have surrounded my world for the past day or so. Last night was a little hard to deal with, especially since I got my hopes set on becoming a Bobcat Belle, being that I received a politely worded rejection e-mail. I know no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings, but rejection letters of any kind are the worst, even more so when they sugarcoat everything. I was really bummed I didn’t make it into the only organization I had my eyes on at this point, but after a little anger session and spilled tears, I progressively accepted the decision throughout the day. Running my worries and stresses away at the gym this afternoon helped too, allowing me to release my pent-up emotions. That Rec Center, let me tell you, will be the end of me, but most importantly, it will rescue me from myself.

Although I hardly ever wish anything negative on anyone, I was a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one having a not-so-great week. One of my closest friends from back home texted me on Tuesday telling me her day was just not going the way she planned. I sent her a funny joke I saw on Twitter that turned her day completely around. I was really excited that a simple little tweet that I found overly hilarious could bring someone else so much joy. blogpicI miss her a lot and wish some of my friends would come visit me up here. I like it here at Texas State, don’t get me wrong, but I just haven’t adjusted as well as I thought I would have at this point. Making friends in high school was so much easier than it is in college. If you are in the same boat as I have found myself in, don’t be afraid to reach out because I could really use the friends!

Another close friend was having a pretty rotten day today as well. Is it just my circle of friends or has this week been kind of rough on everyone? On our way to our weekly confirmation class, she related to me that her family is having some trouble with her younger brother. I don’t want to get into the details of the situation, but I know that it is really weighing on her. I tried my best to comfort her, but I know that the two of us are just too similar to realize that my outreach would have any effect on her emotions. The two of us were really needing to go out and have some fun. Luckily, SACA was hosting a movie night.

We decided to go get something to eat, and when I say mean we, I mean her. We fell into a line for free snacks and couldn’t believe the generosity of this organization. I couldn’t help but feel bad when all I heard around the amphitheater were negative complaints over miniscule things. I mean, the least you could do is be a little bit, actually be very grateful for things that people provide for you. As college students, we should know the significance of a dollar these days, and the fact that we were able to watch a fairly new movie, eat free snacks and enjoy the company of our fellow peers is genuinely incredible. The movie was Maleficent, with the amazing Angelina Jolie. I had had conflicting feelings about seeing the movie when it was in theaters, but I enjoyed the film. Winding down for the night, I thought now would be the perfect time to relate an idea to you guys.

No matter how difficult things may get, don’t shut the world out. I almost did and I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t. It was more than just a rejection that I was dealing with this week and I just want everyone to be aware that the struggles people are dealing with are far more complicated than what meets the eye. Because, like me, I’m certain there are many of you fighting a long battle with your inner demons. To close with some loving words from me to you, push through all the darkness and find your light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows … maybe I’ll be waiting for you so we can share in the magnificent victory ahead of us!


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