I’m back, thanks to ITAC!

by Astrid Rangel

Hey there, Bobcats!!! I’m so sorry, I’ve been out for awhile but now that my laptop is back on track, I can tell you all about the stuff I have been up to this last week or so!

One thing I want to talk about is some of the things we have here on campus that are really helpful. The first one is ITAC (Information Technology Assistance Center)!!! They are the ones that saved me from smashing my computer to death with a hammer. My computer was acting up so much and I decided to take it to them and the service there is amazing. Everyone there is really smart and helpful. So if you all are having trouble with ANY electronic device, take it to them. They probably will fix it just like they did mine. Their walk-in center is in 263 Math Computer Science building. They also have a live chat/phone line that is 24 hours/day.  You have got to admit, that is pretty awesome. Anyways, thanks guys at ITAC! You all really are amazing!

The other service I want to talk about here on campus is the Krav Maga self-defense class given by the university police here at Texas State. I’ve already gone to it and believe me, it is one good workout. And it is really instructional. I honestly felt like it was really helpful to me. The people teaching the class are the people who take care of us here at Texas State and they are really welcoming and open. The class itself is four hours long and you are always learning something. I think this class is something anyone should do at least once. There is nothing wrong with learning to take care of yourself and getting a really good workout out of it. And it is FREE for anyone.

There are many other things that as I discover I will let you all know so that you can discover them as well. Getting out there and getting involved should be something you guys should want. Believe me, in this very moment I’m still looking for ways to get involved and get exposed. The possibilities are really endless in this amazing and beautiful campus.


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