Meet the bloggers: Astrid Rangel

_C9A1310A_v2Astrid Rangel

Hometown: Laredo, Texas
High school: Martin High School 
Minor: Undecided

Astrological sign:

I chose Texas State because … I had heard numerous great things and among them was the fact that it has one of the best theatre programs in the state.

What I like most about Texas State is … the sense of family here. Everyone makes you feel welcome. I also love the campus and all the greenery. I think it’s absolutely lovely.

What surprised me most during my first week of classes is  the people. It was surprising to see how people welcomed me and made me feel part of something even if it was just my first day here.

In five years from now, I will be  honestly I don’t know. There are so many opportunities but maybe I already would have graduated college and would be trying to make things work. It all depends. In the end, I might not wind up where I thought I would but I will be right where I am supposed to be.

Favorite color: Green, because it’s the color of life.

If I were granted three wishes, I’d ask for:
1. a good future
2. my mom’s and brother’s happiness
3. money for charity

Pet peeves: When someone lies to me when I clearly know the truth, double standards, doubt and stereotypes

Favorite book: I don’t have a favorite book because I read a lot, so I just love books in general.

Favorite TV characters: I really like Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy because she is a tough woman but she also isn’t afraid to admit when she is wrong and that is really something to admire.

Favorite music: I listen to anything and everything. I love music and that is one of my passions so I pretty much love to listen to any type of music.

Favorite movie genre: I like them all but if I had to choose I would go with comedy, action or romance.


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