Wrap it up!

by Victoria Nguyen

Ahhh, we made it! Congratulations, everybody! We made it through the first week of school. I don’t know about you guys, but I have learned a lot these past few days. I met some amazing people, saw some incredible things, and enjoyed the entirety of the week. Today was an easy day and for me a day to reflect on all the aspects of the week. I went to my two early classes today and found myself to be genuinely liking the environment. I felt relaxed and at peace with what was happening. I think in a sense I finally grasped the purpose of being here. Business Math went by faster than I anticipated, and college writing is essentially like a social group of friends. So far that class is my absolute favorite because the class itself is practical and relatable, not to mention everyone in there is super friendly. Anyone looking for cool class to take next semester, or even now, I would definitely check out Mr. Noll’s English 1320 class.

I had quite a bit of time between my morning classes and my last class today so I took the time to complete some homework that had found it’s way into my life. Of course, I deviated from the task a little bit and listened to some music. Apparently the song of the day for me was “Like I Can” by Sam Smith. I literally could play that song on repeat all day and never get tired of hearing it. I am probably the worst singer alive, however, when I play this tune I just simply can’t fight the urge to sing along. I don’t know how familiar y’all are with Sam Smith but he might be someone to check out if you are interested in R&B type music. Anyways before I knew it, the time was right to make my way to University Seminar.

This class is probably the one that has me at the edge of my seat the most, just because I like to have a general idea of exactly what we will be doing and before today I had no idea what this class was going to be about. I met up with some friends that doubled as classmates before class started and just used the time to catch up on how their week went. Our professor for the course seemed very laid back and was cool. I know that if you had a reasonable-sized class that you were met with some kind of get-to-know-you activity or icebreaker; I know I was. Today was no different but instead of the obvious, boring activities and questions that most everybody asked, we were met with a unique and thought-provoking question: “If you were a prisoner on death row, what would you want to be your last meal?” Nobody wasn’t expecting this and immediately everyone jumped straight in with their precise answers. I, being the simple hometown girl I am, stated that I would want a nice, juicy beef hot dog with ketchup, not mustard. The answers given were funny and showed everyone’s true personality.

So today I leave you with this question: “What would you want your last meal to be?” Feel free to respond and I hope everyone has a safe and exciting weekend. I just want to wish my Bobcats good luck as they participate in their first games this weekend. I would certainly have gone, but I will be on my way back to Houston later on tonight. I will definitely be at the next one! Bring home the WIN, BOBCATS!


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