Let the weekend begin!

by Nicholas Laughlin

Friday was a good day because it was the start of the weekend! I know that I have only been in classes for five days but I am already ready for a break. Ending classes at noon is amazing because you have all day to still to do whatever. A few of my friends and I have been wanting go to hang out at Sewell Park all week. We finally went and right as we set our stuff down it started to rain, and not like a mist, like actual big drops of rain. We were not very happy about that, but San Marcos is in desperate need of rain.

After our failed river attempt we went to the women’s first soccer game against Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. It was a very good game and of course the Bobcats won 3-0. Watching the game got me really excited for the football game that is today! I’m excited to get to go to my first college game as a student. Anyways back to yesterday … after the soccer I found a nice little surprise on my car … a parking ticket. Luckily it’s only $40 and I guess technically I was parking out of zone, but it was no way to start my weekend. I’ll update next week when I go pay for it. So that’s about all that happened on Friday. Football game, here I come! Let’s beat University of Arkansas Pine Bluff! EAT ‘EM UP, CATS!


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