My first care package from home!

by Victoria Nguyen

Hey, guys! I hope everybody had a great day. Today was a little rough for me. I found myself being a little on the fence about how I feel about my Tuesday and Thursday schedule. I don’t like that I have an 8 a.m. class and then a substantial break until my next class at 5 p.m.. I have a hard time finding anything productive to do within this enormous stretch of down time. Today, however, I walked zombie-like to my early class and somehow stayed awake during my art history lecture. But later I found a boost of energy to run up eight flights of stairs, knowing that the amazing prize of sleep was waiting for me.

I fell into a nice, dedicated nap for a couple of hours or so. It was really good to unwind and put everything behind me from the early morning lecture. Upon waking up I got right to work reading and taking notes for biology. I sat at my computer appropriately blasting my favorite music to accompany me on my journey through the pages of the first chapter of my expensive textbook. I got about halfway through when my friend started to call me. She had just gotten out of class and was wanting to go get something to eat. Needing a break (and quite frankly, food!), I decided to meet her for some grub.

I love the food at Commons. I don’t know if y’all have ventured down there, but the variety of food available at any given time of the day is pretty amazing. They definitely have the best sweet potatoes on campus. I was a little disappointed to find that there wasn’t any grilled chicken available today. I make sure that I make myself a pretty balanced plate. I try to eat as healthily as possible and load up on fruits and veggies. An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, but I know that it will taste really good with some crunchy peanut butter! Although the whole point of venturing to Commons was to eat better, my pal decided to load up on pizza and cake. She did try, but failed miserably in the aspect of eating a balanced diet. She immediately stated her diet was going to start next week after we had concluded our meal. I thought that the statement sounded very familiar and decided to just go with her announcement with a friendly chuckle.

Lunch was a good break from the studying, but it was time to get back to work. I read a couple more pages and soon found myself navigating away from biology. I don’t know how, but Graceland soon appeared on my laptop and I was sucked into the episode I had missed. I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the show, but if you are intrigued by federal agents and action-drama, this is definitely a show to consider. The plot is so good and the storyline always throws an unexpected curve. Graceland is in my opinion the drama of the summer.

After the suspense-filled episode concluded, it was almost time to leave for my next class. I quickly gathered all my things together and made my way down stairs for the millionth time today. I didn’t go to the gym today, but I suppose I still worked in my workout. I made my way to my 5 p.m. biology class. When the professor walked in, she was met with a thousand questions about the syllabus and its contents, leading to a 20-minute synopsis of the previous day’s business. When class finally started, it seemed to fly by. Although science is not my subject, Dr. Chandler has a way of presenting the topics in a way that pulls me in. Maybe it has to do with the fact she is Greek and I find every word she says to be so fascinating.

Class ended and I made my way back to my dorm. I reached my “temporary” address, as it is referred to on so much paperwork, and checked my mail box. The best feeling since being away from home is receiving mail. Even when I got my books, I felt so special. The idea that someone, somewhere thinks about you enough to send something to you is unbelievable. I reached in that envelope-sized box and pulled out a slip that said I had received a care package. I was so happy, I felt flushed! I took my slip to the desk and got a cute box with a note from my parents. I ran back up to my room to discover a box full of goodies. I hope that everyone has someone thinking about them. Don’t forget to relate back to the people you care about, and most importantly, don’t forget to tell those you love how much you care about them.

Tomorrow is Friday, Bobcats, and we have one more day left until we can say we survived our first week of college! Hang in there with me and let that nice long weekend be your motivation to get through the day tomorrow.


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