Almost the weekend!

by Nicholas Laughlin

Today I did my first load of laundry in college. Yes, I did laundry by myself at home, but it was different because this was in college. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this but it was an achievement. That fact that I actually got out of bed and did my laundry before my 12:30 class is pretty much amazing.

I was reading through my other fellow bloggers’ posts and one thing stuck out to me in one of Astrid’s posts. I haven’t been exposed to anyone being rude. Everyone smiles at you; holds open doors, and is all-around friendly. It feels like everyone knows each other and that this school is a family.

Sitting in my Intro to Mass Communication class today made me realize how excited I am to learn more about mass media, and how this seems like the right major for me. The discussion and lecture that we had today was really interesting. Our professor really made us think how the media portrays certain races, and how those can be changed or how they live on.

I am really excited that I only have two classes on Friday because I am ready to relax and hang out at the river. Not to mention that there’s a women’s soccer game on Friday night, and the first football game of the season is on Saturday! This weekend will be packed with lots of sports and hopefully lots of floating the river.

I am exhausted and really having a hard time coming up with things to write about. I am going to sleep and will hopefully get up in time to go to Commons and get a waffle because I have been craving one all week (and maybe a donut as well).


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