I got dreams

by Alexus Moreno

This is too good to be true. I love my schedule, I love my professors, and I am so ready for all these challenges that are coming my way. Now just watch all my posts a couple of weeks from now be the total opposite of what I’m writing … which I’m hoping is not the case (fingers crossed). I realized that I haven’t had a post that introduces who I am and what coming to this university means to me, so I think I’ll take the time and do that now.

Howdy there, all! I am Alexus Moreno. I come from a very big family who I love so very much and I am a mass communications major (focusing on journalism). Throughout high school people were always asking me what I wanted to do with my life and I didn’t have an answer for them. The honest truth was that I wanted to do so much with my life…why do I have to pick one thing? I love photography, I did theatre in high school, music and singing is my absolute passion, I love to write, I love animals and nature, I want to travel everywhere and most importantly, I want to have an impact on this world. I know that I’m one out of many many people who want to change the world in some way and I’m hoping one day that I come across one of those people and we exchange ideas and form this great big concept of how we can together change the world. This is my dream…and I know dream big and it’s hard to make it in this world, but I’m ready to work.

The sky's the limit!

The sky’s the limit!

Coming to Texas State is only the start for me and I hope it is the open door to thousands of possibilities for me and as well as all the others who attend this university. The world has so much to offer and it’s up to us to pick and choose how we want to take up on those offers. I chose journalism as a major because besides my love for writing, I also love adventure. Journalists are some pretty hardcore people … and they put themselves out there in the world and find truths so that everyone else can see … and that to me is a beautiful thing. I want to do that … I want to have an impact … and a good one of course. I hope that in the future I can somehow incorporate all my passions into one huge thing and that be my life. As I said, I love to sing and not to brag at all … but I’m quite good at it. I’ve always said there are several things I do not know how to do … but I’m sure about one and that’s singing. And if I ever had the opportunity to show everyone my voice … I would, because it brings me joy.

Who knows what this life holds for me or for anyone else reading this? Maybe people will know my name and your name one day and maybe they won’t. All we can do is work towards our dream and not give up.


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