Control, alt, repeat

by Victoria Nguyen

Tonight as I suck up the contents of a Capri Sun, I reflect on today with a sense of deja vu. Today was just like the first day of class, except not the same. The process was identical, but the content of the day was filled with a much richer, completer sense of the college experience. My eyes were opened up to the realities and expectations for the semester. Everything that I had been waiting for was revealed to me today, and I knew that today was the actual start of what college was supposed to be. My professors had opened up the door to the plane, and now it was time to hit the ground running.

After going to all my courses for the week, I’ve decided that my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes are my favorite. Tuesday and Thursday just haven’t provided me with anything worth raving over. Although these days are going to be the busiest, I know that I will always enjoy the lectures and professors’ comments. I think that College Writing II and Political Science are going to open my eyes up to the world in a new, exciting way. I think that I’m most excited to view the process of the world through the eyes of a perspective. This to me defines the “college experience”.

Today was the day that everything got real. The introductory aspect of the first day was dead and gone. Now we were going to dive right into the importance of class. I was a little nervous to see the way a college course is conducted, but when everything got going I started to relax a little bit. I am glad that I have professors with positive attitudes and upbeat personalities. Learning is a lot easier when you have someone teaching you something they enjoy. I’m excited for the academic challenges ahead and I’m ready to start seeing the accomplishments that will come my way.

I have yet to attend my University Seminar class, however, my professor e-mailed us explaining a couple things. He seems to be a fun individual, genuinely interested in getting to know his students. After responding to his little questionnaire, I am looking forward to meeting him, as well as, exploring our common experience. I really am looking forward to seeing what I will be able to take away from this course. We should all take the time and reflect on how far the world has come. Appreciation keeps the mind at peace and allows for the world to be taken a little less cynical.

The week is winding down, Bobcats, and we are just strides away from completing our first week of our first semester in college. I don’t know about all of you, but these first five days will be jammed pack with memorable firsts. I have surpassed the greatest expectations for college and can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store. Hope everyone is doing well and just keep in mind, only two more class days left. Come Friday afternoon, it’s going to be goodbye backpack, hello beach towel!


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