Second-day fever

by Victoria Nguyen

Oh, how I love the second day of school. Everyone is in a less frantic mood, the pressure is off, and the atmosphere overall is just lighter. My first class today was early, just the way I like it. It was a little bit of a doozy and I don’t know if it will be one of my favorites. Art history just doesn’t catch my attention. It is definitely one of my biggest classes. The lecture hall was huge and people had to really get to know each other. I was watching the clock tick away, waiting for this seemingly endless class to be over. As my professor wrapped up for the day, I could feel my legs springing up before she could end her sentence. Class was over and I was ready to go back to sleep.

I got back to my hall and unpacked my stuff. I grabbed the textbook that I needed to return and headed to the bookstore. I got there and effortlessly returned the book and started to aimlessly look around. I saw a jacket on the clearance rack that I really wanted. I was about to go and pay for it when I noticed the length of the line. I put it back down and made up my mind that I would go tomorrow morning, hopefully before the line is too ridiculously long. I climbed back up the stairs and made my way back to the room.

My roommate and I both had a late class today so we just sat around doing random things. I picked up the book for University Seminar and started to read a few chapters. I had read through a handful of chapters and decided it was nap time. I laid my head down and fell into a peaceful state of bliss. When I woke up, I found that I had a massive amount of time until my next class. I began to read my book for Political Science to kill the time.

Before I knew it, the time had come to make my way down to Biology for non-science students. When I got to the lecture hall, I looked around in amazement. The place was huge and people were just piling in. I decided by the end of class that I didn’t like biology, but I love my professor. She is a little Greek woman, who is so cute. I could sit and talk to her for hours and enjoy everything she uttered. This was my last class for the day and I was ready to be done.

On my way back to my room, I checked by the bookstore just to see if the line had decreased just a fraction. It turns out it had not. I spent the rest of my evening in the gym with a couple friends. Just for anyone’s interest, or just simply to express my feelings, those little pouches of applesauce are the best after a work out. They are super fun, and really yummy. Well, today wasn’t as exciting as yesterday, but an experience nonetheless. I hope you all had a terrific second day and wish you the best tomorrow.


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