by Alexus Moreno

In my earlier writings, you read all about my home-, friends-, and family-sickness and how deeply saddened I was to be away from just about everyone I know. Today I can say I still miss it all and I’m looking forward to going home again. However it’s not as bad as it was at the beginning (which isn’t a bad thing). I know it’s only been the first two days of college classes for most of us and that it’ll get harder down the line, but I’m really enjoying it right now. I occupy myself throughout the day with school and it makes things a lot better, because I’m not sitting there moping around about how horrible I feel. Because when I do that … things get crazy and my anxiety bounces off the walls and I start to worry about every little thing, and I mean every little thing. Normally it would be for no good reason, so I told myself one day to stop beating myself up about pointless things that will eventually work out in the end. If you freak out about one little thing, usually everything else heads off in the wrong direction and then you’re just sitting there in a pile of mess that you made yourself.

I say this because I’ve already heard so many stories about people freaking out these first couple of days because they were late to a class or had the wrong textbook or were in the wrong classroom, and I’m here to say … relax. Literally … everything will be okay. I’m not saying it’s not going to be stressful … because it will be. I’m saying don’t add anymore stress on yourself. Whether it’s from missing home and friends or school work … it’s unnecessary … because it’ll work out.

Surround yourself with good company and positive vibes. Take some time a few times a week and spend a couple of hours with yourself reading a book, listening to music or whatever it is you like to do. As long as during that time you lose yourself in the moment and put the tornado of worries in your head away. I myself am lucky enough to have a wonderful roommate and some great upperclassmen friends who have taken me under their wing and have really watched over me. I am truly beyond grateful for that because I honestly do not have a clue how I would’ve made it over here without them. So I challenge you, find that group of friends that makes you feel at home, find that thing you love to do and do it. Don’t throw your passions away because of some nasty ol’ stress, use your passions as an escape from it. Lets finish this week out strong, freshmen!

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”



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