First step to forever

by Victoria Nguyen

“First Day of School, First Day of School, First Day of School!” – Finding Nemo

Today was the first step into the rest of our lives. No pressure or anything, but believe it or not, we all just took a major leap today. We (hopefully we) went to our first college class! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was experiencing the first day of school with a wide variety of changes. This morning, my alarm went off and was soon followed by an unfamiliar tone alerting the person across the room from me that it was time to get out of bed. The morning sun was just beginning to peek through the clouds and show its glorious rays. I felt a little homesick when I saw the text message from my mom. Even though I had seen my family less than 24 hours ago, I still felt a void within me. This was the first first day of school in 12 years that my mom didn’t send me off or at least give me a kiss before I headed off to school. It was the first first day of school that was breakfast-less, and the first first day of school without having a friend to start the morning off with. However, it was the first first day of college, and it definitely was an experience to remember forever.

Today I started my day off with an 8 a.m. math class with about 25 other people. I walked to Derrick Hall and momentarily blanked, not remembering which way to go. I quickly recovered and found my way to my classroom and found a suitable seat. I had arrived about 15 minutes early, just because I am a over-estimate person when it comes to time management. I sat in my seat waiting for my professor to arrive with the rest of my classmates when I noticed some guy roaming around the desk at the front of the room. I thought he was another student and didn’t pay much attention to him until he started to speak and then, and only then did I realize he was the professor. I stared at the man for a while thinking he couldn’t be older than 25 and he was definitely some kind of math genius, no math prodigy. He introduced himself and the course briefly. After he was finished, I was prepared to walk out, under the assumption we were done for the day, when he suddenly said that we were starting our first lecture today. I seated myself again and pulled out my journal, not expecting to hit the ground running. We did a quick review over some basics from previous math courses, which I desperately needed since I hadn’t been in a math class in a few months. After the quick refresher, we were free to go, and I made my way back to my dorm room to pick up and drop off my materials.

At about 9:30 this morning, I made my way down to Flowers Hall to get to my next class. As I made the journey to College Writing II, I ventured my way through a flock of flier hander-outers. I got to see my first real glimpse of the Quad in action. A poster sale was going on and it seemed to have a variety of images to suit a variety of people’s needs. The people were friendly and happy to be around others. I squirmed my way through and made my way down to class. Again I had arrived about 10 to 15 minutes early and the class before mine was still in session. I found a local bench and took a seat, where I made small talk with a friendly redhead from my hometown of Houston. After people scattered from Room 256, I said goodbye to my acquaintance and entered. I was a little surprised to see the size of the classroom. The typical view of a college class is scattered with images of hundreds of people in a huge lecture theater, and here I was sitting in a room with about 25 people. I liked how small it was, but I especially enjoyed my professor and classmates. After a brief introduction from the instructor, the class went around and introduced themselves. I was amazed at how friendly and selfless my cohorts were as they opened up about their majors and background. So many want to set the materialistic things aside and focus on helping people. I have never been so impressed in my life. Mr. Noll dismissed us all early and I found myself going back to my dorm.

I still needed to stop by the bank and cash a check that my mom brought down for me, as well as pick up a few books I wasn’t able to find online. I got my things together and made my way to LBJ. I went into Wells Fargo and was greeted by my personal favorite teller, Terry. If you guys ever run into him, make sure you tell him what a great job he is doing because he is truly so friendly and helpful. After getting that all settled, I ran into a familiar face from high school. We had a quick conversation and I excused myself to get to the bookstore before my next class started. I went upstairs and grazed through the incredible amount of books to find the ones I needed. After a few minutes of searching, I took my newly acquired treasures and trekked them downstairs to pay for them. To my surprise, the check-out line was snaking around the entire bottom portion of the bookstore. My shoulders began to tense up and my patience was beginning to wear thin. I finally got to the front of the line only to be met by an incomprehensible price for paper. I shelled out a substantial amount of cash and made my way back to my room.

I grabbed my University Seminar book to finish reading it when I plopped on my bed. The cool air and the lack of excitement in the book began to take its toll on me and before I knew it I fell asleep. An hour later, my alarm went off and I quickly gathered my stuff to make my way down to my third and final class for the day. I had political science in Centennial Hall with about 300 other students. When I got to the theater, I saw a sign for poetry on the screen and immediately thought I was in the wrong place. I started to panic and walked back outside trying to figure out where I was at. After talking with a few people, I realized that I was indeed in the right place. I talked with a few people waiting for our professor to arrive. When he arrived, he jumped right into this introduction of the course and himself, typical first day stuff. I liked his personality and he was friendly. After a quick session, we were dismissed and sent on our way. I found out I had purchased the wrong textbook and went back to get the right one. After waiting in another long line and spending even more money, I went to go visit a friend. She graciously took a picture of me so that I could send it to my mom as she requested. After a while, I could see she was tired so I made my way back to my room.

I had nothing else to do so I went to go return the book I bought earlier in the day. When I arrived at the bookstore I went to the service desk where I was told their system was down. I trekked back up the stairs with an unneeded book in hand to my dorm. I made a list of things I needed to do for tomorrow and started messing around on my computer. Now I sit here retelling my day to all of you in hopes that you had an equally as exciting day. I was pleased with the way things went and can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store. Please feel free to tell me how your day went and any other day this week. I’d love to know. Have a good night and a great day tomorrow as you continue the first week with me!


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