And so it begins

by Nicholas Laughlin

A lot has happened in the last few days. First off I have been here for a little over a week but it feels like it’s been a month. That’s not a horrible thing, but I still can’t believe that it has been only a week. Also it has finally set in why it’s called the Hill Country — if I’m not walking up a hill, I’m walking up a hill. I have walked up more steps than I have in my entire life. When people say that you will have good legs at the end of the year, they aren’t joking. The last few days, the Class of 2018 has been going to sessions all over campus for Bobcat Preview, which is really orientation part two. There were a few informative sessions, but more of them were things that we have heard a million times. Saturday was the freshman convocation, which was actually pretty cool. I didn’t enjoy standing in the heat waiting to walk through the arch, but once I got into the coliseum, it was all better. Getting to hear the president of the university talk was my favorite part because she seemed so excited for us to be there and start our freshman year as Bobcats.

Monday morning came quick and I mean really quick. After going to bed a little too late, due to the MTV Video Music Awards, I woke up with just enough time to take a shower and head downstairs to eat breakfast. After finishing, I walked out into the Quad and was bombarded with tons of organizations handing out flyers and free things. It was so overwhelming but I did find a few organizations that were interesting to me. I finally got up to LBJ and walked into my first college class! It was way better than I thought it would be. Yes, there were a lot of students, because it was political science but my professor was funny and cool, which eased my nerves quite a bit. After my first class was over I felt, a lot better. I wasn’t nervous anymore and I was actually really excited to see what my other classes would be like. Three more classes later and my first official day of college classes was over. It was weird. I had thought it was going to be a crazy intense day but it really wasn’t. I love all of my professors (so far) and my classes seem like they are going to be challenging but also really interesting. I celebrated my day with ice cream and headed back to my room to figure out all of the assignments and things I have coming up. I’m laying in my bed while I’m typing this trying very hard not to fall asleep. Day one of week one was successful. Let’s see what tomorrow holds!


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