Moving in and moving through

by Victoria Nguyen

Hope everyone moved in with little trouble and minimal problems. I know that move-in day 2014 went pretty smoothly for me, considering my expectations for the day. I was pleasantly surprised when everything went completely opposite of that in a typical movie involving a college setting. Everyone was friendly and super helpful, which I’ve come to discover is just the San Marcos way. The transition from moving from place to place was simple and almost hassle-free … almost. I felt like the departure between my parents and me was a inevitably procrastinated task by both parties. Coming from a closely knit family, I was prepared for tears from my mom, which were graciously not spilled in my presence. I had to say goodbye to the people I love most in the world and I just wasn’t ready to do that. I was partially thankful that my beautiful mother said it was time for them to leave, because if I had my way, they’d all still be here.

I am super grateful for Bobcat Preview, because all these activities have allowed me to keep busy and have my mind distracted from missing my family.

Between the seminars here and there, I’ve had a busy schedule. With the little down time I have throughout the week, I will be aimlessly walking around campus just exploring or at the gym, so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hi or talk with me. I am one of the people who enjoy good company and is always looking for new friends. Hopefully I can relate to the issues or feelings y’all are experiencing through my posts, and I hope I can help y’all through whatever you may be dealing with. Halfway through week one and so far so good! Let’s keep it going, Class of 2018!


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