The day after moving in

by Nicholas Laughlin

Friday afternoon, my parents and I packed the car and headed down I-35 toward San Marcos. It was my first time to drive here and the drive really wasn’t that bad at all! (Which is good, because I’ll be making it a lot.) After our Friday night stop in Buda, we woke up the next morning ready to see what move-in day would hold.

The registration process was really simple and didn’t take a lot of time at all. I filled out my forms and got the key to my room. At this point, I knew that there was no turning back … like I really could.

When my parents and I pulled up to Tower Hall and started to unload, everyone was so nice and helpful, which eased my nervousness. Unpacking all my things from the car was probably the hardest part really because it was +409845rb degrees outside. (So hot!!!)

After cooling down for a minute, we spent a few hours putting all of my things in place, running to Target to get more things, going to eat a very good lunch at Hays Country BBQ, and then coming back to my dorm so I could finish moving in.

Ready for my first class!

Ready for my first class!

Around five o’clock it was time for my parents to head back home. It was hard to say goodbye but I will see them soon. Our parents raise us to leave and start our own lives. They have put me under their wing for 18 years and taught me all of the things that I will need to know to have a successful life.

It’s Sunday morning and I am now starting my first official day at Texas State by myself. It’s a really weird feeling to know that I am on my own, and that in a week from tomorrow I will start my first official college class. I think I am ready though. I hope I am ready. I now need to read the Common Reading book, and figure out my schedule for the week. It seems like a lot is happening this week. I hope everyone had a great move-in weekend!


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